The Rotary Club of Sleaford

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Sleaford

Just a few points that might be useful to members old and new.

Introducing a new member to the club:

We always need new members and are encouraged to bring along prospective rotarians. It is expected that the club will pay for the first visit but if the prospective rotarian attends a second time then they should pay for themselves. 

If someone approaches the club directly with a view to joining a meeting, a volunteer will book them in and look after them at that meeting.

Becoming a Member:

If you decide to become a member, usually after attending a few meetings, you will be asked to complete an application form which will be circulated around the club. After that, you will be inducted at a club meeting, by prior arrangement. This is a simple process where the President will read out the Ideals of Rotary and present you with your Rotary badge.

New members will be directed to the RI website and to the Club’s own website. However, the best way to develop interest is from other members, so it is expected that new members will be made welcome and helped with procedure. New members will be allocated a mentor, who will answer any questions that may arise.


Members expected to serve on a committee, preferably one that matches their interests. The work is not onerous and meetings will usually take place at a rotary lunchtime meeting.


Meetings are held every Tuesday, starting at 12.30pm for 12.45pm.

The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays are the formal speaker / business meetings, whilst the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays take on a more informal approach, giving an opportunity for fellowship and a forum for committee meetings to take place.

If there is a 5th Tuesday in the month this will either be a speaker meeting or if appropriate an evening meal or visit may be organised.

The venue for each meeting is listed in the Club Programme which is produced every quarter. Meals consist of a main course and tea/coffee and the cost, including the meeting fee, is currently £12.00.

At the meetings there are opportunities to meet up with other club members and be involved in discussion about the club and it’s planned activities. The meeting starts with  ‘Grace' (available from the Secretary) and there is a loyal toast after the meal. The meeting ends with a toast to ‘Rotary and Peace the World Over’.

Meetings finish at 2pm, once the final toast has been taken. Members may leave before the final toast by prior arrangement with whoever is presiding or if the meeting extends beyond 2pm.

Attendance and apologies:

The club understands that due to work commitments, attendance may be sporadic but ask that people attend when they are able. Rotarians must give their apologies if they are unable to attend a meeting, unless they have opted to be an occasional member, in which case they only have to let the club know when they are attending. The attendance folder will always be available on the Reception desk. Leave of absence can be arranged with the President. If apologies are not given by the deadline, the member will be charged for the meal.  Members have the choice of a meat, vegetarian or salad option. This must be booked in advance. 


Approximately, once a year, you will be asked to find a speaker for the meeting. It is your choice who you invite. The Club will pay for the speaker’s meal but you will be host to the speaker that day and probably buy their drink for them. Part of the duties include asking someone to do the Vote of Thanks. too.

Club committees:

Foundation and International – Foundation is a charity run by Rotary International, funded by Rotarians. International projects are funded by obtaining Global Grants.

Communications and Vocational (Comm Voc) – Deal with matters such as Kids Day Out and sending a candidate to the Calvert Trust.

Youth Services – Responsible for running competitions such as Young Chef, Young Photographer and Children of Courage.

Fundraising – In the past this committee has organised events such the Spring Gin Fest, several Swimathons and themed evenings.

The cost of Rotary:

The annual subscription is currently £100.

An optional donation to Rotary Foundation (Rotary’s Charity) may be made on an annual basis. Only the Treasurer will know who has donated.

Rotary is a service club ‘Service above Self’ and there are plenty of other ways to contribute, rather than financial, such as volunteering your time.

Dress code:

Dress code is casual. Jeans are permitted but perhaps not with ripped knees.

Charter Night:

This is the anniversary of the club and a form of celebration usually takes place.


This is when the President Elect takes over from the outgoing President, usually at the end of June.

Rotary the world over:

Rotarians are able to visit any other Rotary club in the world by contacting the relevant club secretary to let them know you would like to go to their meeting. You will be asked to bring greetings back from the Club President.

District 1070 Conference:

This takes place annually and is usually held at a seaside resort.

Rotary structure:

The Rotary Club of Sleaford Kesteven is referred to as the Daughter Club.

Both clubs are in District 1070 – which covers central eastern England. A District Governor (DG) is elected, along with four Area Governors (AGs). District 1070 is run by RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland).

Rotary International (RI) is the worldwide movement.

Rotary business:

The AGM is held in May and the SGM in December. The Club Council are elected at the AGM and Officers at the SGM.

Club Council usually meet every two months. The minutes are circulated and a business meeting for the whole club takes place soon after.

If you have a query that isn’t covered above, don’t be afraid to ask. There will also someone who knows the answer.

We hope you enjoy being a member of the Rotary Club of Sleaford.  You can get involved as much as you feel able to but REMEMBER it is: Family, Work, Rotary.